Family Camp '14 Testimony
Friday, August 15, 2014 at 05:22PM
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A Mom's Perpective - by Jane Backus


If you know me, you probably giggle at the thought of me camping. If you don’t know me, let’s just say I’m a little bit girly and “non-outdoorsy”. Add to that picture the fact that this year’s accommodations involved a pop-up camper rather than a cabin or bunkhouse. Throw into this mix the detail that it rained almost the entire time we spent in New Mexico, and you have what should have been a recipe for disaster in my camp experience. 

Yet, it was one of the most relaxing, lovely times of soul-rest I have enjoyed in many years. Frizzy hair, no make-up, wet clothes, and lack of shower facilities aside, we had fun and our study in Ephesians left me with thoughts I’m still mulling over in my quiet moments.

You see, I’m a classic introvert, preferring to be alone with my thoughts than to be with most people. Because I dearly love my husband and four children, I’ve allowed them into the inner circle of my soul, but I still have to retreat into solitude for a short time every few days in order to regroup. Over the past few years, our family’s time and activities have intertwined with the three other families who were at camp, and I had not realized that I had begun to let my guard down and let them in, as well. It was uncharacteristically easy for me to go deep quickly with all of these people as we shared meals and Scripture, played games, worshipped together, and prayed with one another.

Through a simple yet profound group activity, Rich showed us that there are certain people in our lives with whom our “yarn is knotted”, and that the only way we are ever going to be able to carry the “beach ball” of life is with each other. That’s when the light bulb went off! I’m knotted to each of these people for time and eternity with yarn that won’t unravel because I look like a drowned rat or was rather ungraceful in my slide down the hill at White Sands. The knotted yarn gets messy and tangled; it requires us to be committed to each other and sometimes pulls us where we don’t want to go. But the reward is sweet Christian fellowship with those that God has placed in our lives. It is the rarity of unconditional love, and it’s worth the cost of messiness and loss of solitude.

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