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Family Camp

For years, we have assisted congregations in facilitating family camps (which we still love to do, every summer). However, 5 years ago we decided it was time to initiate our own.
Family Camp is an alternative to age-specific camps, where kids are impacted, only to return home to a family that hasn't experienced the same transformation. Instead, we are focused on the family as a unit, with opportunities to connect with God and each other, while also deepening relationships with other like-minded families.
Taking a multi-generational approach, every member of the family is involved in receiving and providing ministry. We do this through shared meals, interactive family discipleship activities, fun excursions (whitewater rafting, sand dunes, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, etc.), and evening worship gatherings (1 Cor 14:26).
Most of our peeps want to escape the mid-summer Texas heat, so we always schedule camp for the third or fourth week in July... in the MOUNTAINS! Because we've explored 5 different locations for in as many years, I have toyed with renaming it Camp Sojourner. ;)
We would love for your crew to join us next summer ('15) in Ridgway State Park (Colorado)! Nestled in the midst of idillic Ouray, posh Telluride and the awe-inspiring Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park - we will have tons to explore together. Accomodations will be RV's & tents (if you have them) or you may rent a yurt. For much less than the cost of a typical vacation, your family can share an experience that deepens relationships with God and each other.
*Call us today to reserve your family's spot! (806-535-5384)